At what age should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

Usually, Two years of age is a good time to start bringing children to the dentist unless you have any specific concerns. Mostly, the first visit is to familiarise them with the dentist, to screen and check teeth, and to make them associate dental visits with a positive experience!

How often should I visit the dentist?

This varies from person to person. Many require 6 monthly visits, while some low-risk patients only require yearly visits. We always recommend for children and teenagers to be seen every 6 months.

How often should I have dental x-rays taken?

This varies from person to person. Low-risk patients may not require them as often; however, as a general rule we recommend x-rays be taken every 2-3 years. This checks the areas we cannot see such as between the teeth, below the gums, and underneath existing fillings.

Why are regular dental visits so important?

Often, dental decay and gum trouble can develop without symptoms. With regular visits to the dentist, the dentist is able to locate and treat these issues in the initial stages before problems become worse.

Can you access my records from a previous dental practice?

Yes, we can access previous records. We do require written consent for this. Please fill in the “release of records” form and bring it to your next appointment.


Do you accept all health funds?

We accept all health funds and have partnered with selected funds to help provide affordable care at the highest possible standards.

Payment Options

We offer flexible payment options including Afterpay and Zipmoney such as OpenPay. We also participate in the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Call us to find out more.